Wagging Tail -935

Thanks to my banter Ma learns new things all the time.

Take this morning I said to her “take up thy plume dear scribe and write about the diversity of yesterday”

First we dissected the meat from the remains of the Turkey and made stock with the bones. While that was simmering we delved under the sink to pull out all the dead ends of wax from this year to make memory candles. Finally we sequestered Jaws in her chamber and after lunch we got to baking for the Victorian Christmas before adjourning for a small slumber ourselves.

That’s when it hit me we had a nursery rhyme of a day.

So of course we had to Wiki to find out about the origins of the famous ditty.

It dates from the fourteenth century. Not so surprised about that BUT!

Shock horror. It’s about noble professional being caught in the act of being naughty . Oh dear me!!!

Blessing#1536-Life Lesson

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