Wagging Tail-936

Remember a few days ago Ma went out shopping. Today I’m going to divulge what she got.

Before I move on I want you to reflect on that word DIVULGE because for me it conjures up dark hidden secrets and is appropriately chosen.

See what happened was on Saturday Mega ate a decoration for dessert immediately following her dinner. She then promptly threw the whole meal back up onto the parents treasured carpet. They’d bought it in Tunisia in 1986 and it had travelled all around the world with them.

The bro was charged with cleaning up his daughters mess which was copious in quantity as that kibble swells like a balloon in the stomach in no time at all. That almost caused a second incident. Enough said!

Ma declared she could survive no longer with Miss I Eat Everything if she wasn’t armed correctly. She needed a steam cleaner.

She took Dad with her the next day to find one and yesterday she and the bro got down to business.

When I saw the size of this new beast and inspected it’s capacity to clean I did a swift U-turn and got off side. There was no way my tail was going to get mangled with that force.

I resurfaced to see what it could do only when all noise had ceased.

Heavens you would not believe what it extracted. Pure unadulterated sludge is the only description I have.

But you should have seen the big smile on Ma’s face. Some gals need diamonds shes happy with dirt!!!

Blessing#1537-Deep Clean

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