Wagging Tail-941

Precious peeps PITS PERFECT here and I’m pooped!

What a morning.

I’ve been cleaning up the crumbs like crazy. She can be messy that Granny!

We baked a FOREST. I joke not. 144 little shortbread Christmas Trees.

We used one of the little cutters my Great Godmother Patricia sent my Dad years ago from Switzerland. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined they’d every be put to such good use.

We use one of them every week for our scones and knocked up three dozen of those just now too. The very fancy dancy ones only come out for special occasions like Christmas.

Since the oven was on and the stocks are low we also made four dozen mini lemon cupcakes. That did me in so now I must slumber.

If you don’t hear from me before the weekend send a Prince like William but definitely not like Harry to smack me one on the lips.

Blessing#1542- Productive Princess

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