Wagging Tail-942

Long ago before I was born back in 2011 Ma bought two orchids for a friend’s birthday.

On the way to the party one of the flowers broke off when it fell over in the back of the car.

Since she couldn’t give someone a plant with a broken flower she brought it home and put it in the kitchen window.

It got to like it there and when someone gave Mom another orchid as a gift in 2013 she put the two together.

Each year they faithfully produce flowers for Mom and each year they seem to bloom more often and be more beautiful.

Ma says this is a sign they are happy together.

She wishes it would rub off on Jaws and me!

It’s got me thinking though that for my manifesto that I need to underline that in the right environment, regardless of origins or backgrounds, we the people should all be able to thrive and reach our full potential.

Blessing#1543-Growing Togetherness

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