Wagging Tail-943

What do you all make of this Royal rift? Ma says it’s turning into a real shakespearien drama maybe even a tragedy.

She and Auntie Lorraine have been sharing thoughts about it over the last days and I can promise you they are both 110% in the Wales camp.

Are you going to watch “Meghan and Harry”on Netflix when it drops?

You can bet your bottom dollar we will be forsaking my Lottery Dream Home this Friday to catch the first “VOLUME”. Even that sounds shakespearien. Strategically selected no doubt as a subtle reminder of Henry the Fourth Part1 and Part II and of course the victory of Henry V

Tell me now do you not see some resemblance between Hal and the SPARE?

Where will be his Agincourt? Sandringham perhaps at Christmas. Battle of the trifle or mince pie missiles.

Any guesses as to who’ll draw the short straw to play Lady Macbeth in the charades? The beleaguered one of course. Better be an Oscar worthy performance because there is a Catherine to conquer!!!

Thank goodness Kong is still surviving because I’m definitely going to need something to chew on to survive this all.

Blessing#1544-Band of Brothers!!

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