Wagging Tail-951

Netflix has a lot to answer for and I’m not just talking about H&M.

On Sunday Ma discovered the GBBS is on so ever since we have been subjected to the trials of the tent.

Inspired by the creativity of the competitors Ma decided she was going to experiment herself on allergen free cookies. No gluten no eggs no milk.

So from a concoction of corn starch, sugar, margarine and orange juice she tried to make something like a shortbread.

The structureless souls were no sooner in the oven than they spread like soup all over the baking sheet.

She proceeded to bake them/it anyway and we tasted the finished product which apart from having no form was OK.

She then proceeded to smash the stuff into crumbs.

What she will bind them together with remains to be determined most likely dark chocolate which rules them out for me but one way or another they are destined for the cookie jar.

This vintage one is on sale at the tearoom for $15 should you be local and interested!!!

Antiques roadshow anyone?

Blessing#1552-Disastrous Dough

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