Wagging Tail-968

I’m lying here beside Mom snoozing and reflecting on the year that’s past.

We lost several dear loved ones who can never be replaced but also had some beautiful new arrivals and three weddings to bring us joy.

Dad made stellar progress and was freed from the oxygen machine so much so that he is now back to all normal household duties.

The bro also made steps forward and went from pizza maker to oil changer to trainee mechanic. So he is definitely moving in the right direction.

Ma had some successes at the tearoom but many stresses too.

She said she had had so much to worry about that she was going to stop worrying about weight and enjoy food and fizz. Alas that was not a sound strategy as she is now so fat she’s creaking and she doesn’t enjoy that at all. It’s amazing how much weight humans can gain in a year! So she is resolved that action must be taken to roll back the scales and prevent further damage to her ancient body and it’s joints.

Speaking of mechanical failures we had several. First, there was the AC that blew up during a heat wave in June and was replaced by the new HVAC that ground to a halt so spectacularly on Christmas Day not to mention the need for a new car. These issues are all resolved and we are now in possession of new and improved powerhouses. We can only imagine how people who are financially strapped would deal with this. Fortunately we are not.

Finally of course there is my relationship with Jaws that has not improved one paw. She is a hateful monster but given mothers renewed commitment to fitness I fear I may have to make strides towards tolerance.

Blessing #1569-Summarizing

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