Wagging Tail-967

Precious peeps are your pretty prepared?

Have you, like me, resolved to retain your perfection into the New Year?

Or do you, like the grumpy Grey Gizz and my Granny, have resolutions to implement.

If his exercising more entailed taking a hike and never coming back I would be the happiest Pitty in paradise.

It’s unlikely to happen though.

He knows only too well what side his bread is buttered on cuddling in with Granny every night.

There again maybe that’s why he such a mean nasty tempered old goat. That might improve if she cuts the wine and snacks in half and sleeps better.

Wishing y’all ever happiness.

Remain resolute and dedicated to me and my mantra of living life to the fullest. Oh and if you haven’t got one yet get a dog even it’s an old stinker like Scooby.

Blessing#1568-Being Me

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