Wagging Tail-970

I had to give Ma intensive care yesterday.

She was very upset.

See she’d planned this lovely relaxing day.

No cooking as there were leftovers from Sunday, no laundry as she did that Saturday no baking as she was doing that on Tuesday, maybe a little shopping and plenty of walking as we had time and it is warm.

Alas just as the first sip of coffee touched her lips the tenant from the apartment above the tearoom texted to say the fire alarms were going off again.

There was no fire but still a whole slew of correspondence ensued for the remainder of the day to get this and other matters including falling siding and a broken window fixed.

Ma is now not just kicking herself for this non stop stress inducing venture into business and real estate but seriously questioning its impact on her sanity.

She even warned the brother when he came home from work that she was in a bad mood and clarified it was nothing to do with him.

Add to these major problems the minor ones that my retractable leash broke half way to the park so I had to be hooked up with Jaws for a speedy return plus the fact that Ma’s new water tight boots sprung a leak and you can tell that reality isn’t always as you’d dreamed it might be.

Blessing#1571-Reality Checks

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