Wagging Tail-972

PITS PERFECT here just hanging out after our trot on this fine Thursday morning.

I’m feeling so self righteous and good because the Gizz is in the dog house. Granny shouted at him for snarling. He got a new collar because I ate his other one and when Granny was trying to adjust it he was having none of it and bared his teeth at her.

Oh you should have heard it. « Don’t you ever in your life again do that with me Scooby » I just love it when it’s me who’s the goodie two shoes in the palace.

He’s hanging out under the side table pretending to be contrite. She’s fierce that Granny when she scolds.

Bit boring though when he’s not available for a tussle. Just had to get up on Granny to play with me instead. No good though she’s having none of it so I’ll just have to stare out the window.

Blessing#1573-Quiet Time Out

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