Wagging Tail-988

For some days I have been reflecting on a post I saw concerning the alarming price of eggs.

In Ohio, considered a farming state, the dirty dozen has escalated from $1.50 to $4.00 over the past year. If you go organic add $2.00.

This concerns me as I like a scrambler now and then but Ma has stopped making them for me. « Too expensive for you Scooby »

People are even starting to keep hens as pets which concerns me somewhat. If Ma were to do this there would be a blood bath for sure with Jaws around.

Regardless that is not the point of my post.

When I saw the above I immediately thought of eggs. What would a precious child of today be named?

Ei, perhaps if Germanic in origin, Oeuf if the parents were francophiles, Ovum or Ova for a little classical twist. Huevos is not bad I suppose as you could use Hue for short.

This morning though it hit me the name of the moment just has to be Humpty.

Get it? Aren’t I funny and it’s not even Friday!!!!!!!

I must speak to H&M in case they produce a number three.

Blessing #1589-Crack Ups

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