Wagging Tail-989

It’s great that my bro is Chinese because we get to have two New Year’s. So to all of you a very happy year of the water bunny.

Ma has bedecked the front door with red ornaments for good luck and as always the fireplace is festooned with auspicious sayings that someone more skilled in the language can translate.

Many of the lanterns and little soft toys have been lifted to higher elevation lest the roaring dragon has a go at them.

This year is symbolic of the softest of all creatures in the zodiac so we are reminded to get on with it and be as they are « quietly confident and kind »

I’ll try my best! As for now I plan to get my teeth into one of the gigantic donuts Ma has procured for our brekkie to get things off to a sweet start. She didn’t quite get round to making the cake. Maybe for Easter!!

Blessing# 1590-Hopping Along

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