Wagging Tail-1000

Can you imagine I’ve been on the Banter for a THOUSAND DAYS! Takes you way back to May 2020 if you need help with your sums.

When I look back to that point in time I was no more than a kid. Still smart but innocent.

As I turn this milestone of a page I can reflect on many adventures and different looks. Through it all I’ve always been myself!

I helped Ma walk her way through a pandemic, helped Dad recover from bouts of illness, started our business, seen the bro change jobs about ten times and of course been mentor to a mighty mad dog.

I’ve endured it all with strength of character and courage and on most occasions have retained composure.

Some Queens spent just this exact amount of time on the throne of England and they made movies about them.

Another good reason for me to be recognized, appreciated and elected to high office is this STAMINA!

Forward then dear followers let us make the next thousand days the most meaningful!

Blessing #1601-Mille Moments

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