Wagging Tail-1001

Ma says that if you grew up in the UK in the sixties and someone mentions the number 1001 you immediately think of dry foam.

The TV advertising music is imbedded in every mind as deeply as the dirt the miraculous product claims to shift.

There will be a few of you swearing right now because you know you’ll be singing or humming the 1001 song all day long and people will be giving you strange looks.

Fear not I will close my eyes and turn the other cheek and take no offense. Being blasted is power for the presidential course.

The product it would seem is still around.

We might just go find some as you know who is always making mess.

They might also provide some funds for my campaign after all every home with a canine needs power cleaning even a White House.

Maybe I’ll see if their producers of script and score are still in the land of the living. We’ll need a good catchy tune for our spots.

Blessing #1602-Jingles

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