Wagging Tail-1003

Precious Peeps it’s PITS. I’m still PERFECT!

First Lady, why not? Provided I can retain the Princess title too.

At this moment in time, while Scooby may be endearing himself to me, Dad is furious.

See what happened was he got me and the Grumpy Gizz new Nylas because I had reduced the others to a size where Granny was concerned I could soon swallow one.

He gave us our goodies and I got to chew the new for a while before we adjourned to bed.

Well yesterday morning when he left for work I was desperate to get out of our bedroom and down to my fresh bone.

Granny, as usual, ignored my scratching until SHE was caffeinated and ready to go out to meet Auntie Denise for our trot.

So I got a little frustrated and decided to have a PITTY pillow fight with myself.

Well when you get a little hole in those feather lights it’s such fun. Blizzard babes just like playing in the snow.

They are scattered everywhere. Maybe I’ll make a boa with them for functions.

In the meantime I’ll keep a low profile

Blessing#1604-Duck Down

5 Replies to “Wagging Tail-1003”

  1. Hi, this is Peggy Fout. I’m also program chairman for the Friendship Garden Club of Richwood. I wonder if you would do an evening tea in September for the club, 8 -12 members. The earliest we could meet is 6 pm, be done by 8. Perhaps there is a group price? Ideally it would be September 7. Alternate would be August 3. You may reach me by email; phone or text is 937-578-8506. Thank you.

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