Wagging Tail-1004

Precious Perps it PITS Perfect. Didn’t that give you a pleasant surprise for Sunday!

I have been forgiven for my transgressions by Dad not sure about Grandpa he is prejudiced by my breed.

Granny and Auntie Paula have been so busy with their big February event these past days that poor old Gran was past caring.

She was working her little fingers to the bone making tiny treats and serving afternoon tea not to mention washing mountains of dishes that she’s ready to look the other way no matter what I chew up.

She was so late home last night that Dad had to take us out for our trot.

So I told her to relax and chill. I’m such a great therapist!

We gals gotta stick together and put our best fashion feet forward.

Maybe I’ll get to be in the show next year if I play my card right!

Blessing#1605-Girls Days

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