Wagging Tail-1006

After the turkey on Sunday we all sat down to a family movie night.

The Irish Banshee film that is up for so many awards is now on HBO so we decided we had to see it.

It’s always good strategy to get the Irish on your side for a presidential campaign as at least half the population here claim some shamrocks in their stories.

The scenery is beautiful. Typically of Irelands rugged coast. Ma and the bro began planning their next trip.

The acting also was grand and we hope someone wins a gong.

The movie however is horrendous. We won’t spoil the plot for you suffice to say it was unbelievably BAD. So bad you almost have to see it to believe it.

Ma says she hasn’t been as disappointed since she dragged Dad to the cinema back in 1998 to see the Blair Witch Project.

We have decided to endear the Irish we’ll henceforth stick with John Wayne!

Blessing#1607-The Quiet Man

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