Wagging Tail-1005

Last Sunday when the parents went to Aldi for our weekly shopping Butterballs we’re on offer for 49 cents a pound.

So Ma being a lover of both turkey and bargains snagged an 18 pounder that thawed in our fridge this week.

Since it was the end of the Chinese new year we cooked it yesterday.

We tried something different than our usual cooking method. We salted it well, threw it in uncovered on roast at 350F for an hour until the skin got all crispy and then turned the oven to bake at 300F for three hours while we had our siesta and a trot.

PERFECTION. Norman Rockwell picture perfect if we say so ourselves.

We took photos as Turkeys play an important role at the White House and we plan to approach both Aldi and Butterball with a promotional deal for my campaign.

Just as we were admiring our work and Ma was taking her Nigella Lawson pose by the stove to make the gravy disaster struck.

She had carefully poured the juices into the pot and was adding corn flour when the packed slipped from her hand, hit the handle of the saucepan and both cornflour and warming turkey juice went flying everywhere including over her and me.

What a mess but I never smelled so tasty.

Took us almost as long to clean up as it did to roast the critter.

So much truth in that saying « pride comes before a fall »

Blessing#1606-A Well Rested Bird

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