Wagging Tail-1008

Ma got super excited yesterday.

She’d been going through her Facebook feed when she hit on a new post from the history site « Banbridge Back in the Day »

Banbridge is the town in County Down where her Dad and Mum came from and where some of our family still live.

Anyway the post was of a smiling gent celebrating his 100th birthday back in 1992 that just happened to be her great uncle Charlie.

So of course she has to post the fact all over Facebook and that’s when it got real good.

I had to smile at all her ohs and ahs as each new post came in.

See lots of others were also claiming relationships to the happy chappy and also saying great things about what a dear heart he was.

Finally we got to the best bit, the census of 1911 that included Charlie and my mom’s grandmother Ellen along with their parents and some of their 14 siblings all living together in Reilly Street. They even had a lodger. Must have been cosy!!!!!!

So now Mom has connection to lots more second and third cousin than any girl could have dreamed of. It was like a living breathing commercial for Ancestry.com

Blessing #1609-Family Trees

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