Wagging Tail-1024

I have been called to the nursing profession. Presidential Campaigning has been postponed for the next five days.

See Ma and Pa are laid up.

On Thursday following a dripping of the nose Ma decided she must stick something up it and used one of her government issued COVID tests to see if by chance she had been smitten with the dreaded lurgy.

Alas, after THREE full years of running the gambit the pink line popped.

Hoping against hope that the test might be wrong she booked a rendezvous at the Minute Clinic for Friday morning.

Positive confirmed by medical professional!

She snagged the antiviral meds and has started pumping those into Dad who is coughing like Marlboro Man.

Five days isolation followed by five days masking lie ahead.

Missing the first of the six Kairos team formation meetings for the Spring weekend not to mention a BIG birthday party on Sunday at the tearoom has left her in a less than gracious mood.

Must say I’m not sad to have her home even if she is a little hotter than usual to snuggle.


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