Wagging Tail-1025

Now if you had five days off work I bet you’d do some housework. Like maybe some dusting or window cleaning or vacuuming. Well Ma decided that, at present, this might further irritate the inflamed sinuses so we should get fresh air instead.

Hence we went for an extra long walk. Her theory is that the cold air will kill the critters causing the COVID.

We then needed extensive rest on our return so we scoured Netflix and hit on a new docuseries about Marilyn. It’s surprisingly good. Quite a lot of new news even for an ardent Marilyn maniac like Mum.

Thereafter we, make that she, ate all the leftover stew from three nights ago to which enough pepper was added to activate even the tiredest tastebud. I maintained a safe distance.

This copious quantity of food induced sleep which is vital for recovery.

Once refreshed we made tandoori chicken and let it marinade while we sought something else to binge watch.

THE CHOSEN was chosen. Poor Dad thought it was never ending little does he know it was only the first series.

That dog of Saint Matthews bears something of a resemblance to a certain party I know who is no angel.

I’m wondering what today will hold. It’s so unusual to have nothing to do.


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