Wagging Tail-1031

Precious Peeps it’s Pits Perfect.

I know some of you were anxious thinking I might have gone walk about and been adopted by alternative humans but that was not me who appeared in the dog pound mug shots. I fully understand as Miss Magnolia does indeed bear a striking resemblance to my good self.

Perfection though has some subtle differences and of course I’m too smart to pitch this palace for any other lodging.

So I hear y’all ask what have you been up to? Well as spring is approaching I’ve been cleaning the sofa’s. They taste so good this time of year. Think it’s the fall out from the salt on the roads not to mention the snacks Granny eats each evening.

I’ve also been thinking seriously about taking up hunting. Yesterday there were no less than nine deer grazing in our back yard.

Can you imagine if I caught just one of them I’d have enough raw hide and jerky to keep me going for eternity.

Granny would have to get out the Mr Proper though as I’d no longer have the yearning to lick sofas. She doesn’t appreciate me and my natural enzyme solutions nearly enough.


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