Wagging Tail-1034

We were out for an extended morning trot yesterday when we happened on a MURDER!

What a racket. There must have been at least two times four and twenty black birds in that one tree.

We stopped and listened for a while to see if they’d take off or stop. No way, they just went on and on.

Now seems some people have the idea that a collection of these crow critters spells bad news but they gave me an idea.

I thought that to be heard you gotta be persistent.

So when our trusty Mr Adam came with his team to spring clean up our yard I mustered up madam and we got going.

Barked back and front for a full half hour we did. Dad almost had a seizure. Ma did scones

Wonder do crows get sore throats?

Blessing#1635-Audible Angst

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