Wagging Tail-1035

You can tell Ma is well rested and in a good mood when she does a certain household chore.

It takes her ages to psych herself up for it but there comes a point in time when the light shines in such a way it becomes an obligation.

She can hope against hope that it will rise so high that gravity will force it to fall off spontaneously but they have a name for that type of attitude in Scandinavia. Lazy!

Can you guess what it is?

It’s cleaning between the bannisters.

It is so stinking tedious. You have to do it with a wet cloth otherwise your just moving it around.

She was wondering if she were to put a little drop of honey or sprinkle a little sugar on the area might the monster lick it clean instead.

I said best not as she might chew up the carpet as well and that would be an expensive fix. Best let sleeping dogs lie!


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