Wagging Tail-1038

Good people are born on March 10!

They include my Auntie Marsha who is super kind and loving, my girlfriend Chanel from Four Paws Resort and Spa who is the prettiest purplest puppy ever and Prince Edward the King’s youngest brother.

Well yesterday was an extra special March 10 because Auntie Marsha and Ma had tea together and because the King made Edward the new Duke of Edinburgh.

Previously he had been an Earl which meant his beautiful wife Sophie was known as a Countess although really she is a Princess because she is married to a Prince.

Now though she is a Royal Duchess which trumps a Princess in the royal hierarchy except if you happen to be Princess of Wales or the Princess Royal.

All this made Ma very happy and she had goosebumps and a little cry for joy because she said this pair are the epitome of goodness just like Auntie Marsha and my love Chanel.

This monarchy malarkey is complicated. That’s why I’m running for President and I’m convinced there will never have been a more stylish First Lady. Can a Queen be First Lady?

Blessing#1639-Rightful Rewards.

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