Wagging Tail 1039

Precious Peeps it’s PITS publishing on perfecting perfection!

Rummage sale season started this weekend. What I hear you cry has this to do with perfection? Read on dear devotees.

See rummage sales drives Granny into a frenzy of happiness.

There is nothing she loves more than digging through other peoples junk except me of course.

She is usually on the hunt for tea pots but they’d all been snatched up at this particular event. Peeps are putting them to other uses these days.

Nonetheless, if she finds something tea related it still gives her good vibrations.

So it was that she stubbled on a book that brought joy to her heart and is suitable for the education of any Princess.

Such discoveries she says are destiny I’m definitely in agreement.

Blessing#1640-Fine Tuning

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