Wagging Tail-1041

I’m thinking, make that snoozing, about strategy.

Seems everyone else who’s planning to run is heading to Iowa.

Looks like a sunny sort of place but Des Moines is a strange name.

Of course being a polyglot I know it means « from the monks » so it must be a quiet spot too. Most unsuitable for noisy Princesses!

I’m pretty fast at walking as Auntie Denise will tell you so I recon I can make it in less than two weeks by paw.

I can’t starve for that long so I’ll have to find food along the way.

Better map out a Paneras path. I enjoy a good bit of baguette and a croissant for brekkie and I know, based on the bro’s prior employment with them that they trash really good stuff.

Maybe I’ll suck up to him and see if he fancy’s a roadtrip as my campaign manger. The way he drives we could do that in nine hours no bother so we could leave Saturday and be back for work on Monday.

We can leave trouble at home to help Mom « faire du pain au cuisine »

Mais oui! Tres productive cette petite sieste!!!!

Blessing #1642-Francophilia

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