Wagging Tail-1040

We got a little bit of a surprise yesterday morning. It had snowed overnight. I stuck my nose out and declared it festive.

Ma I said « let’s pretend it’s Christmas again ». I was thinking maybe a fresh bone would be on the menu when Ma quickly replied « Your some pup Scoob that will be perfect for the Oscar Party »

She started digging in the freezer and my hopes rose.

Alas no. She pulled out some boring sliced Turkey breast saved from that gigantic bird she got on sale some time ago.

No bones alas but surely even the bro couldn’t eat that much stuffing. Everyone knows it’s not the Turkey that’s tasty it’s all the things that go with it.

Oh and what a party it was! An Oscar win for An Irish Goodbye. Made in Northern Ireland and starting James Martin the first ever Oscar winner with Down’s Syndrome!


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