Wagging Tail-1045

Conscious of the importance of appearance in the run for the White House I went for some fine tuning this week at Top-Knots.

The drive was absolutely beautiful as it was so sunny that day and we could see all the signs of spring.

Cranes were back feeding in the Olentangy River. We saw a whole flock and googled to find that the collective name is a Sedge.

Gave Mom some noble ideas!!!!

Since I was in such good shape I was shampooed, snipped and styled in an hour but Ma was working so I got to visit with the other customers having a groom.

They all have such good humans so I campaigned a bit to get their votes. I definitely can’t miss a change to promote my greatness.

Oh and of course it helps when I get to feature on Facebook too.

Blessing#1646-Eye Contact

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