Wagging Tail-1046

Precious peeps it’s PITS and I’m dedicating this post to my pen pal cousin Libby Grace who lives on a farm.

She is very tall and very smart and very very sweet.

See her Dad, our uncle Jim taught her a really important duty. She saunters down the lane to the road and gets his paper every morning.

Now the lady who delivers the papers has taken to putting a great big dog bone in each one.

Well Miss LG is keeping an eye on her super slim figure so she doesn’t eat them. Instead, she drops them with the paper at uncle Jim’s feet.

Auntie Marsha has been collecting them and brought us a big bag full to the tearoom to see if we like them.

Now is the Pope a Catholic? Of course we like them!

Nearly took the hand of my Granny when she presented them to the ugly grey Gizz and me last night.

They are quite hard and big so it took me at least thirty seconds to eat it.

Man it was good.

Keep up the good work girlfriend I’ll kiss you when I see you.

PS Gizz wants to know if you’ll go campaigning with him!


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