Wagging Tail-1047

I’m running late on the banter this morning because my presidential personal assistant aka Ma decided she’d type up the message I dictated earlier while ARETHA is having her first 5000 mile service.

It’s sort of like going to the vets except at the Kia dealers they have a very luxurious waiting area where you get free hot drinks and snacks while you can relax and smell that new car aroma.

I’m a bit mad she didn’t take me as I could have made contact with the dealers who might have helped my campaign but she said I’d need a service dog collar to get in.

Anyway that’s not what I want to share with you. I’m thinking of ways to spread the word about my wisdom.

I think cousin LG can play a role.

See since she was just a little pup she’s been a worker.

Now that she has grown to her majestic GREAT DANISH delightful dimensions she will be hard to miss on the trail.

Just imagine how impressed you’re be if she walked up to you and handed out my manifesto.

The biscuits I think I’ll reserve for my energy usage.

I’ll need them for that March to Iowa

In the meantime I’ll continue to pose for pics. Don’t you think the lighting is just perfect in this one. Great for a front page.

Blessing#1648-Marketing Material

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