Wagging Tail-1053

When Ma has her Kairos team formation meetings on Saturday we get a very short shift when it comes to walks in the morning as she is always in a big rush rush rushy.

Usually she’ll take us for a good trot to make up for the lack of steps when she gets back. Yesterday though that got scuppered because it was blowing such a gale we just got to the end of the street and back. We found our flag in the bushes and the flag pole hanging on to the wall by a thread.

Today it’s beautiful so I’m gave her the eye hoping for a long distance extravaganza.

Alas no it was another shortie as duty is calling at the tearoom. She has a party which is just as well as it makes up for lost business yesterday.

Nothing for it but to endure Nala with Nylas and maybe a nap!

Blessing#1654-Playing Catch-up

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