Wagging Tail-1054

Ma always stresses a little when she has gluten free people to serve. When multiple allergies are concerned it’s an even bigger challenge. Most of the gluten free mixes that miraculously transform into something loosely resembling a scone or a cup cake call for eggs. When these too are not tolerated you need to try a new tactic.

So it was that Ma created the cornstarch scone. She added enough baking powder to the mix of starch and sugar and margarine and raisins and milk that the baked good puffed up like a balloon and had the texture and taste of polystyrene.

Dad and I had one to be sure they were fit for human consumption. I will stick with Nylas.

Still yesterday she served the creation and it was consumed. Adding jam and cream made it somewhat more succulent.

Auntie Marsha though, inspired by my post about Lord Ganesha, came up with something that was a sensational success.

Food for the Gods that fitted the bill to a TEA.

Blessing #1655-Chickpea

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