Wagging Tail-1055

Have you noticed when you Google something your Facebook feed is inundated with (&@? for days to come about peripheral subjects. So annoying.

So it was that we have had every known gluten free egg free everything free recipe known to man thrown at us in the past 48 hours.

Fear not flourless fans Ma went to ALDI and your scones are safe provided you do eggs.

Usually our feed is full of news from the homeland, animal stories and jokes about growing up in the seventies. I guess that’s because it’s what Ma opens and reads most.

Yesterday we got a good laugh when they all coincided.

See this giant bunny was found hoping around Dublin.

Right next to it was a do you remember these seventies slippers

Now are we sick or did anyone else wonder if that bunny still had it on its bum.

Blessing#1656-Tale if Tails

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