Wagging Tail-1066

Fear not! I will resist going all Norman on you! There may well be a battle with the “enemy” but by Will I Am The Conqueror.

Hope you laughed, it took a lot of brain power for that single statement. Nothing lost it has some campaign potential!

Enough of that ancient history dear reader it is not the subject of my mind today instead I am reflecting on coincidences in color.

Sunsets are spectacular these days be it at our place or down on the farm in the countryside where Auntie Marsha lives.

The evening is so intense. You can’t imagine it would all disappear and then it does.

It’s back though in the morning sure as you could say “let them be light!”

When it turns out that your TV just happens to join in the theme it makes you feel someone is coordinating the show!

Oh and then you see the post from home base in Ballylesson and you get it!

Blessing#1667-Patience 💜

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