Wagging Tail-1068

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter. Mine was torture to begin with.

The hateful hound that resides in the same kennel as my bro tried to strangle me.

See Ma tried to get us looking pretty for our holiday pictures so she put on my Top Knots scarf and the “thing” pounced.

Went straight for my neck. She then ripped the bonnet Ma was attempting to put on her head straight out of Ma’s hand and tore off with it under the table.

Granny scolded her but what does the bro do? Sweeps her up and says “poor baby”

Worse yet Ma then proceeds to remove the scarf from around my neck puts it on the thing and says “it’s too girlish for you anyway Scoob”

I got two of Libby Grace’s big biscuits though when the parents went to church so I suppose that’s some compensation. Oh and best of all the beast and the bro adjourned for a snooze!

Blessing#1669-Peace Perfect Peace

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