Wagging Tail-1069

Yesterday after a luxurious unplanned lie in we had a very productive morning. Bank, shopping, cooking chili, baking scones and after a little lunch we adjourned for a siesta.

While we were sleeping our water provider called to ask if we had a leak or left a tap on or if any of our toilets were running as our water consumption had increased.

Dad checked everywhere and all seemed OK but then he went to the boiler room and you guessed it we had a drip drip dripping. It had soaked a whole pile of boxes and there was a puddle like a pond on the floor.

Panic! Call the plumber. The call was placed at 3:15 and the receptionist said that most likely it would be after 4:30 when they’d be able to get there so it would be the emergency rate. No problem Ma said send them please.

Guess what though Jerry arrived at 4:15, fixed the pipe that had an age related pinhole leak, and since he was here anyway did a little repair to a toilet that had a cistern problem all within the hour.

Now that’s what you call great service and just think if our water company hadn’t called the issues we might have had.

Blessing#1670-Magic Monitoring

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