Wagging Tail-1074

My poor old Ma never seems to catch a break with that old building she calls her business. It may look pretty but it’s a nightmare.

She’s poured so much money into repairs she’d have to sell enough tea to float the titanic to every recover her « investment »

The latest disaster is the roof.

As she was leaving after work ready for the weekend she noticed something very strange as she gazed up admiring at the old place from a sideways angle.

She got Auntie Paula out to take a look and she agreed there was a problem. Something must have happened during that big storm two weeks ago but what is that. Certainly not shingles!

Photos were sent to her usual handyman Tom who took one look and declared it out of the scope of his skill set. Definitely a roofers job.

She called the tenant to see if there were any leaks in the apartment above the tearoom.

« Oh yes I’ve been meaning to tell you » the tenant said «there is a leak above the fan in the dining room »

So now of course we are all anxious and Ma can’t sleep and we are praying that it doesn’t rain until the roofer comes on Monday.

Each time something happens Ma questions her own sanity in ever taking this place on.

Could this be the cure to convince her to let go and just be a retired lady who lunches in our beautiful hometown of Powell instead of a tea lady in Marion. It’s a very expensive hobby!!!

Blessing#1675-Bitter Pills

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