Wagging Tail-1075

We slept better last night. It was cooler, both the external temperature and the heat from the sunburn had gone south. Add to this that there is only so much anxiety you can accumulate and we were all set.

I got up beside Ma and gave her my very best weighted blanket effect and she slumbered soundly.

She just had a happy dream too. Here’s how it went.

She and Auntie Carol and me were shopping in a little seaside village and buying a picture for Dad in an antique store. All the art was arranged together like patchwork.

The lady who sold the piece knew Ma had a treasure store in the same town and knew Ma was looking at her display and planning to copy it. She pretended she didn’t know though and took her $10.

Funny the way in dreams everyone can read each others mind. They all nose you know!!!!

Now we have awakened to a gale again. So what is left of the roof is probably in the parking lot at the store.

Onwards and upwards though. We have scones to bake and lots to think about on how to copy that art display!!!!!

I may snooze some more as I have catching up to do.

Blessing#a1676-Sweeter Dreams

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