Wagging Tail-1076

We are doing our best to keep Ma entertained playing dodge the daffodils.

Jaws is quite good at it. Wish she’d eat one and die!!! Jaws that is not Ma!!!!

Don’t tell anyone but Ma is down in the dumps. We are lighting candles for her.

A new roof is needed and it’s going to be big bucks. More than Ma made all last year.

She has to fix it. There is no other option.

She has insurance but there is a deductible and making a claim means the premium will go through the roof. Oh that was seriously a really bad pun!

Blessing#1677-Working on One!

4 Replies to “Wagging Tail-1076”

  1. I love Scoobie and Nala pics. The one with Scoobie’s red tongue out a little bit against his beautiful grey coat is priceless. Like a Christmas ornament hanging there! Thanks for all the wonderful uplifts— Arlene

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