Wagging Tail-1090

So the bro and Ma abandoned Dad too.

Poor old soul hasn’t even a dog to talk with.

They left so early for their Detroit flight to London that they had time for a big lunch and still got to the airport four hours early.

Ma asked at check in if they could get on the earlier flight.

The lady took a look and said it would be $1000. Ma said thanks but no thanks.

The pair then proceeded through security and persistent as always Ma suggested they go to the gate for the earlier flight and sweet talk the agent.

She’s is a real stinker when it comes to digging her teeth in to get her own way.

Since they had no checked luggage the agent said she’d let them go on the 6:35 instead of the 9:20.

Perfection Ma said smugly just like those stuffed potato skins she had at lunch.

« We’ll be into London Aaron before the Kings has had his first cuppa Earl Grey »

Well that was the theory. Just wait for the rest.

One hour into the flight and half way through to Sir With Love they encountered « A mechanical failure » and had to divert to JFK. This involved going around New York in circles for an hour to burn off fuel.

They landed at 9:20 ironically the time they should have taken off from Detroit. Next up they had to find a gate to park. No gate. Too late to repair defect. Flight canceled.

Another three hours of torture followed to get the passengers rebooked and find hotels.

Ma and the bro are now on the 8:00 am flight so two hours sleep if they are lucky.

Why oh why can Ma not just take one day at a time and not get people into pickles like this. All she had to do was sit and chill at Detroit but no she had to chance her luck and get the earlier flight for more fun!!!!

It’s poetic justice for leaving us

Blessing#1961- Check Mate

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  1. Traveling these days seems to be full of trials and tribulations. Wishing you a great time on your trip. At least you are well ahead of the main event.

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