Wagging Tail-1091

Ma sent this postcard from the edge. The edge of sanity she says.

If the goal was to create a royal record Delta and Virgin airlines sure made medal worthy contributions.

After two hours sleep at a hotel Delta paid for thirty minutes from the airport on Long Island the bro and Ma set off at 5:00 am for their Virgin flight to Heathrow London.

They go to check in. Virgin can’t check them in because Delta need to issue the boarding pass. They line up for half an hour at Delta who says Virgin is wrong and literally March with Ma and the bro back to Virgin. Virgin supervisor called, fiddles something and prints the pass.

They go through security to the gate. The bro goes and gets them breakfast with the meal vouchers Delta provided.

They sit and watch as panic ensues as all the people joining the flight from Delta to Virgin are being sent running back and fro between the Virgin gate and the Delta desk on boarding card incompatibility. They thank their lucky stars that lady from Delta took charge of their case at Virgin and didn’t issue their passes.

Make a drum roll now with anything available to you because what happened next almost resulted in a riot. Delta issues texts and emails to all passengers on Virgin saying “We are sorry your flight to London is now cancelled”

People were gasping and almost fainting in horror. Virgin staff were acting like nurses. Don’t worry don’t worry it’s not true they said. On and on the panic went right up until boarding thirty minutes later.

Finally they got onboard. They took off and seven hours later after a very uninspiring experience were in London at the glorious Holiday Inn Heathrow where Ma issued a very profound statement.

“You know what Aaron if everything had gone smoothly we wouldn’t have nearly as much adventures to share with your kids because this was truly a memory making mess up”


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