Wagging Tail-1095

Sunday was the Bro’s day to choose what to do so stop reading now if you are faint hearted this is not a cuddle teddy story.

Being a fan of murder most foul the deal was a day spent on the trail of Jack the Ripper the most notorious of serial killers. Ma is not immune to a little true crime herself so she was all for it. Let’s go gory!

They headed to the Tower of London where they met Sam a Jack historian.

He took them on a walking tour of Whitechapel and all the sites of the slayings.

They walked the cobblestones and touched the remains of the Roman wall and saw the sites that the unfortunate victims frequented for their “mothers ruin”.

It must have been a lousy life they lived and their deaths were certainly horrific.

Sam speculates that the murders were all connected and that the secret service was involved in covering up the culprit.

They ended up at the Ripper Museum where many more theories were offered up on the identity of the vilain.

Who knows who did the dreadful deeds but the investigating vacationers sure got plenty of steps in!!!!


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