Wagging Tail-1094

Even though they got up at 5:45 and were at Green Park before 8:00 all viewing points along the Mall and at Hyde Park were closed.

There was still remote hope at Trafalgar Square so Ma took off at her fastest pace for that point but the bro decided it was a lost cause. So they split to meet later at the hotel.

The Bro was right!!!!

By the time Ma got to Trafalgar the viewing points were also closed so she retuned with tens of thousands of others to the big screen viewing site at Hyde Park.

Even with the rain that soaked to the skin everyone enjoyed the experience very much. Lots of cheering and singing and people generally in good spirits from all over the world including a lovely lady from Cameroon called Blandina who lives in London and shared her brolly with Ma.

Both the Bro and Ma got to see the entire ceremony and even got a sense of the live processions seeing some of the guards and horses on their return to barracks.

It was certainly an unforgettable day clearly the King and Queen and the Prince and Princess of Wales are very much loved

Blessing-#1695-Being There

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