Wagging Tail-1097

Precious Peeps it’s PITS and even though Catherine looked well on the big day I’m still the Prettiest of Princesses.

I’m also poorly.

See what happened was I had a big brekkie at the spa around 8:00 am as they didn’t know Dad and Granny were going to pick me and Grumpy up as early as 9:00 am.

As soon as I saw Dad I bolted for the car and he put me in the trunk and Grumpy in the back seat.

Now as carriage go our trunk is quite spacious and I can stand up and look out but see those country roads did me in. Talk about “the long and winding road”.

When we got home I was wild thirsty so I drank a bowl of ADAMS ALE but it didn’t stay down. Put it like this Dad had a lot of cleaning to do.

That wasn’t all! When Granny went to get the groceries she discovered I’d left a gift in the car too.

All this made me feel weak so I’m resting up.

It’s so wonderful to have all my lovely cosy spots back to snooze on.

I love all the company at the spa but man it’s exhausting and noisy.

I’m so happy to be back in my own little palace with my own true King

Blessing#1698-Noble Nods

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