Wagging Tail-1098

Precious Peeps it’s PITS! I’m perfectly perky once more. Just needed extra TLC!

Granny snuggled me on the couch last night and showed me pictures of the trip. The stinky old gizzards nose was completely out of joint. Jelly Belly!!!!

What I loved seeing most was all the critters involved at the big event.

The horses of course looking very dapper.

The working dogs who were there to sniff out any danger.

The pigeons that come in all shapes and sizes

Most of though I liked Seamus. He’s the big old wolfhound who walks in front of the Irish Guards.

Admittedly he does bear a resemblance to my nemesis but he’s much bigger and cooler and I think has the habit of caring for Princesses so I’m hoping to date him some day.

Maybe next time there is a big event Granny will take me along like other families did with their pooches and I’ll meet him!

For now we’ll just have to write love letters.


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