Wagging Tail-1110

Precious Peeps it’s PITS Perfect and I’m so excited because it’s Dads day off .

You know what that means? SNUGGLES

Here’s how it goes. I only get out of bed at 7:35 when Granny comes to get me for the morning business.

As soon as I return from my three miler to the Palace I head straight for the Pitty Pit and get back in beside Dad. I will spare you photos of that!!!

We snuggle some more and then get up and have a feast around eleven.

That clean wears us out so we ajourn for a movie and a siesta.

We may take on some snacks and refreshments around two and then we get up at four for a walk with Granny and some dinner.

Isn’t it heavenly. It’s like being on a beach only you’ve got TV too. Best of all I don’t see the old Grumpies all day long!!!


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