Wagging Tail-1111

Precious Peeps it’s PITS Perfect again!!!!

Tongue-in-cheek aside that talk of beaches yesterday got me heated up!

While on our first morning mile we met my boyfriend Remi. He was on his way home so we went with him back to his kennel.

We’d just said bye and turned towards Cardinal Hill when a young family of geese walked nonchalantly across the road towards their pond.

That’s when the vibe for action hit me. I tugged so hard I pulled my leash from Granny’s hand and took off after them.

Not only to the edge but right deep into the pond. From who knows where a whole flock of them descended and I was forced out.

That sure was a fun start to the day.

The rest went to plan except I took in a little sunbathing and did some Pilates.

You gotta get the bod in best beautiliousness before all the pools open this weekend!!!!!

Blessing#1712-Taking the Plunge

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