BOOM – Belly Buster 2

When it comes to IT I am technically highly challenged. Yesterday I posted something with nothing in it!! This has become today’s blessing because it gave me a good laugh at myself.

Consider todays post as the sequel for yesterdays bloomer!!!!

Anyway all the good weather going on at home in Northern Ireland has many reminiscing about the summers of 1976 and 1978 when we also had great tropical weather.

This was around the time I had my first meal out. My Dad who loved his food and his drink would rate a good dinner as either a Great Feed or A Belly Buster.

Hits of the day on most menus were tropical as the weather.

Hot grapefruit for starters

Chicken Maryland as Main

Fritters or Banana Splits for Dessert

All washed down with Blue Nun Riesling.

I remember thinking I’d made it when I ate that first meal out.

What meals do you remember most fondly? Share them please and maybe we can create a retro dinner party global event to celebrate sizzling summers.

Blessing 25 & 26 – Memories worth  reviving and mistakes to learn from and laugh about

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