BOOM – Birds and Bestsellers

Day four was hectic on our road trip but was absolutely wonderful.

We started with a visit to the river front at Montgomery where slaves arrived from Africa.

We ended by taking the road from Selma to Montgomery that resulted in the achievement of voting rights for all.

In between we had a planned detour to the very special place that is Monroeville.

Here two literary geniuses met as children, inspired each other and became best friends forever.

They were Nelle Harper Lee and Truman Capote.

Seeing where they grew up, how close they were and how deeply they cared for each was so very touching.

Visiting the site of the courthouse where Harper’s father worked and that played such a key part in To Kill a Mockingbird left me with a memory for a lifetime.

Just outside the court there was a little market where we stopped so Aaron could buy a gift for his Dad.

The farmer who sold us the gift knew Nelle (Harper) and he told us a story about her.

Seems she has a parrot that she had trained to become a great talker. When anyone knocked at the door the parrot would greet them and sounded just like her and she found this very amusing.

We asked him if we could take his photo and he happily agreed.

Finally to make the visit even more special you would not believe it but a Mockingbird came right up beside our car as we were leaving as if to say “Come Back Soon”

Blessing # 39 – When magical moments touch your life



2 Replies to “BOOM – Birds and Bestsellers”

  1. I was in Monroeville around four years ago, it really is a
    very interesting place .
    Also worth visiting if you are
    travelling home through
    Birmingham , is the Irondale
    Cafe made famous by the book and film, Fried Green
    Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.
    They still serve the the tomatoes to the original recipe.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


    1. Thanks Harris. Loved the movie but haven’t yet read the book.
      We are in Birmingham right now and heading to Memphis so I will check the distance to Irondale and see if we can make it


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